Thursday, 2 December 2010

Website Manager: Week 2

The website has seen a massive change in appearance this week as Glenn and I have been working hard to format the entire site so that it looks both eye-pleasing and professional. This was done by deciding upon a standard layout default for each article, which we would follow in every article without exception.

Each article now has a picture or video, or both, which looks a lot better, and also helps me, as the Website Manager, to align all articles in the same manner i.e. line the text up with the picture/video then insert a "Read More" at the bottom of the photo/video to create a consistent look. Once I have conquered the Sport layout - which is difficult to make it look visually pleasing - there will be only two types of typographical format on the entire website - articles with videos and those with pictures.

In addition to this, the amount of articles a viewer can view per page has been altered so as that it aligns with what is displayed on the side-bar; this leaves no gaps or areas on the site which appear empty.

The above image demonstrates the consistency in overall look, which we wish to maintain.

The screenshot shows how we have changed the amount of articles present on each page so as to neatly align the side-bar content with the articles.

On top of changing the overall look of the site and deciding which articles go where (they are placed in order of importance), I have also been sub-editing with the team of sub-editors. This has been a great learning curve for me; just when I think I have correctly subbed an article, I get another sub to check it out, only to discover some glaring errors (granted these errors mostly occur after hours at looking at the computer screen). I feel there is now a more efficient system of getting the articles on the site as now there is a Website Manager, there seems to be a greater sense of urgency to get articles subbed as quickly as possible and get them uploaded; before it seemed there was a somewhat more blase and laboured approach with getting articles on the site.

On Wednesday I helped out in the studio from midday. I vision mixed the feature which included Laura Barton and then also vision mixed the bulletin. Unfortunately, I messed up a crucial handover for the first time in weeks, but I'll put this down to lack of communication in the gallery (that will remain the party line haha). All in all it has been a successful week, I just wish I had more time to embrace and excel in my newly appointed role as Christmas fast approaches.

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